Straight Creek Valley Farm
   Pole barn building continued!
We thought that the hardest part of building the barn was behind us, once the roof was on.  We no longer had to work
fourteen to twenty two feet up on a sloping slippery surface.  Greg was quite happy the last day he climbed down off of
the roof.  I never actually got up on the roof, always working from the height of the eves, but I too was relieved that I did
not have to worry about catching my only husband.  I faithfully set the safety line close by his side every time he
ventured up top, but it was nice to finally wrap up the line and put it away until some future project calls for it.

By the end of January we had put up one wall and finished the eves along two sides of the barn.  We actually got the
entire wall up in one day,  It seems as though doing the eve work is also about one day per side, but because we
were doing this work in January, workable days were hard to find.  It was either brutally cold, or so muddy that we
tromped around the barn with an inch of mud clinging to our boots.  So we just settled into country time, and figured
that the barn would get done when it got done.  But we did figure out that if we stood out in the field in one particular
spot and looked at the barn from one specific angle, we could pretend that it was completed!
In this photo you can see the white underside of the eves along the front wall  of the barn.  We
decided to put up the front wall last, for we also had to build the sliding double doors.  
In a way I was almost sad to see the wooden structure of the barn covered with the steel.  The
wooden beans and trusses are really quite beautiful, as well as functional.  Perhaps that is why we
are considering building a post and beam house for our permanent home, still a few years away .
The barn is now complete, and was
finished in time to move the city house
things that we decided to keep out to
the country.  It is already quite
crowded and perhaps in hind sight we
should have built it a bit bigger.  I
promise to get photos of the finished
barn up on the site soon.  I am really
quite proud of the barn.  Every time I
look at it I am amazed that Greg and I
(and the backhoe!) built it all by