Christine, Greg and four of our seven children, not to mention Cocoa the
chihuahua,                                     smiling on the front steps of the cabin.
Neko tosses as Dan readies his aim
while Nicholas just checks things out.
Ruthie, Buddy, Cathy, Pauline,
Grandma Bessie, Harold and Robert, sit
back in the shade and enjoy the day.
Connie sure knows how to smile!
Herbert smiles as he prepares his
wonderful stew.  And of course, Herb's
stew was good to the last drop!
Doug, Loretta, Clyde and Missey sit in
front of the Sugar Shed.  Is that Cocoa
smiling in Missey's lap?
Jeffrey and Lisa pose with corn hole
smiles!  And by the way, that is not the
year Lisa was born.  That's her Elvis
commemorative "T" shirt!
Lisa's young'un Kayla, smiles from the
creek.  She looks a wee bit like her Ma!
Connor, Cameron, Nicholas, Erin,
Sean, and Tali smile in the cool of
Do these ladies really have a legal
career, ie) court reporting, or are they
more likely smiling creek maidens?  
You be the judge ...
Christine and Cocoa set the evening fire.
Who are these jolly, dashing, smiling  
fellows?  Mike, Jeffrey, John, Sean and

Family and Friends
Straight Creek Valley Farm
For some reason, every visitor to Straight Creek Valley Farm is filled with
smiles.  Perhaps it's just the clean creek valley air, but no matter what the
reason, we hope that you can stop on by so we can see you smile too!
No mention of family would be complete without thinking of
Grandmother, who may no longer with us in body, but whose spirit
will live forever!