The Sugar Shed
Straight Creek Valley Farm
We decided to build a sugar
shed at the last minute, just
before it was time for our
first honey harvest.  In hind
sight, we should have
started far sooner, for then
the shed would have been
complete, with windows and
door, and it would have a bit
more bee proof.  As it was,
several thousand bees
joined us
inside the shed for
our first adventure at
extracting honey from the
We simply set the shed's
frame on cement pavers, so
that theoretically it could be
moved to a different location
at a later date.  It measures
twelve by twelve feet,
including a three foot by five
foot porch area.  The shed
will also double as a guest
house with a wall mounted
fold down double bed.  In the
summer, our guests will be
able to sit outside and enjoy
the view from their own small
The area to the right of the
porch is where we placed our
eight cubic foot 12 volt
freezer.  I also store my legal
files in a cabinet right next to
the freezer
In the photo below you can see the obligatory green standing seam tin roof
that we put on the sugar shed.  When I called Higgin's Construction to
order the roof, a fellow answered the phone "Higgins.  May I help you?"  I
repsonded "Yes, this is Christine Tailer", and the fellow on the other end of
the line said, "Christine, do you want to order some more green standing
seam?".  They know me there as "green standing seam Christine".

Greg made the windows for the sugar shed in our city basement and we
installed them towards the end of January 2006.  Our next step was to
frame around the windows and doors and then put on the cedar siding.  
The shed thus matches the cabin and outhouse, all with green tin roof and
cedar siding.  

We moved all of our honey related "things" into the sugar shed.  It is nice
indeed to have everything centralized.  The honey extractor, buckets, extra
frames and supers are now all organized.  I have also stored my maple
syruping supplies in the shed as well as my walnut harvest supplies (husk
grinder, drying racks and nut cracker).  Even though the shed is small,
actual floor space measuring nine by twelve feet, we built the roof trusses
five feet tall so that we are able to store most  everything in the shed's
attic, accessible from a pull down ladder in the main room.  A built in
counter along the left wall also has ample storage beneath it and provides
a good work space for our various projects.  And then the back wall of the
shed hosts a built-in bed for our overnight guests!
Straight Creek Valley Farm