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This book tells the true story of the honeybee's life,
written from the persepctive of the bee herself.  Readers,
both young and old, will learn to understand some of her
mysteries, but be warned!  Once you have really met the
honeybee, you may fall completely, and helplessly in
love.  Just ask the beekeeper!  Her bees told her this
Sixty Thousand Sisters
Daughters of the Queen
Product Details
ISBN                                   9781312824966
Copyright                           Christine D. Tailer (Standard Copyright License)
Edition                                First Edition
Publisher                           Straight Creek Valley Farm
Published                          February 23, 2015
Language                         English
Pages                                40
Binding                              Perfect-bound Paperback Interior
Ink                                       Full color
Weight                               0.51 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)     8.5 wide x 8.5 tall